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I love the contrast between the serene expression and the chaotic lines. It seems like there's more to this piece of art than meets the...

Tifa Step-by-Step by Overweight-Cat

Great art, but shoddy tutorial. It should be renamed. I think tutorials should be alot more indepth as they aim to teach something. Fro...

Hecate's fucking sexy by Lecture-Ready

The lines are clean, the pose is well drawn and properly seductive. The placement of her hair and the tip of the tail are clever. Howev...

GHOST OPERA by intano
by intano

A very intense and well thought out picture, it keeps drawing my eye back to notice more details. I love that etherial cloud at the bot...




Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm just here to show off, flex my artistic skills, and make friends.
I'd like to think I'm easy to get along with, so don't hesitate to say 'Hi'.

I do accept commissions.
$10 a pop. Paypal only please. No points.

I also, on occasion accept requests.
I retain full discretion on this though, if I say I'll only do something as a commission, I don't have to tell you why. If you hassle me, I won't work for you at all.

I rarely accept trades. I've accepted too many trade deals out of guilt and end up secretly disappointed with what I got in return. I have to be infatuated with your art style to accept a trade.
I've taken hiatus from deviantART before, but this is not that.
I feel like deviantART has turned into a popularity contest that favors fandoms over genuinely good art.
Most of the people I stuck around to socialize with have been gone for over a year, maybe more.
I don't feel like deviantART is the right place for me to seek critique for my artwork anymore.
After being on here since... 2008, I was at a point where I was habitually uploading my artwork. 
Once I drew something, it just went on deviantART. It was simply routine. A routine that I don't really care about anymore.
I often feel obligated to draw and upload, and I don't like that feeling. Ideally, I'd upload my artwork so a small core of friends can look, and see, and offer insight and critique.
But it just feels like aside from a couple regular visitors (who are awesome, you know who you are) I'm just tossing my work out there for the off chance someone might say "Cool"?
I mean, I'm all about critique and I can't seem to get that here anymore. 
I'm not a fame junkie. I don't need a thousand watchers to feel at home. But due process is crazy on here. It's almost more effort than drawing the pictures themselves.
Submitting to groups just to get my art noticed? Getting featured in journals? The entire ordeal has become a hassle, and one I haven't honestly felt is worth it in a long time.
DeviantART is a great place to find inspiration, but I'm going to remove myself from the race, so to speak.

I appreciate all of my watchers and don't worry, my artwork is not disappearing into a black hole forever.
I regularly post on facebook and tumblr.…

I encourage you to send me a friend request on facebook or follow me on tumblr.
So in conclusion, I'm not really "leaving" deviantART so to speak, I'm not disabling my account, and I'll more than likely still comment and favorite stuff every once in a while.
But you can be sure I won't be posting my art here.
There's already a ton I haven't bothered uploading.
I love you guys, and deviantART has been my home for a while, but it doesn't seem like the right place for my art anymore.
I wish you all well, and I'm never too far away if you still want to chat, but at this point I'd prefer friends to watchers, and conversations to comments and favoriting.

~Joseph Sheldahl 
   a.k.a. Invisiblepredator, NiteOwl94
  • Mood: Distressed
  • Listening to: FM Attack - Magic
  • Reading: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
  • Watching: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
  • Playing: Bully
  • Eating: Toast
  • Drinking: Iced Tea

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chromeantennae Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
1. Your art's dope, sir.
2. Let the fan club ness love for forshepard begin. (ILY SO MUCH ASHLEY)
3. Nice to make your acquaintance, Joseph. :handshake:
4. I have a decent amount of mutual watchers between Ashley and myself who I could coax into joining said fanclub. :rofl: (And just a really decent amount in general, yay!)
NiteOwl94 Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome! I'm setting up an epic fan club on facebook as we speak! As soon as the fundamentals are down, we shall spread the link like wildfire!
chromeantennae Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Wildfireeeee. :lmao:
Crash2014 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the faves!
McGillustrator Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
:shyguy: Thanks for adding "Shy Guy" to your favorites!  :shyguy:
Marmottegarou Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Hi! thanks for the fav on… :ahoy:
dazza1008 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
Welcome to Dreddheads, Citizen.

:bulletred: Introduce yourself here
:bulletred: A lot of Dredd art is in our faves
:bulletred: Since many praise the movie Dredd (2012) as a faithful adaptation, please make sure to sign the official petition if you'd like a sequel.

caracolcarmen Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  New member
let's not forget, she called me "rape apologist" among other insults to my person ("you disgust me") after I said, "all men are not rapists, in fact they're beautiful."

and I make dick moves? please tell me you have more dignity than to defend someone's irresponsibility in such a way, good God.
caracolcarmen Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  New member
I'll probably be blocked from the other site, so I'll post my response here in case you don't get it:

"Actually, no. Your comment would make sense if I was truly harassing her, but as the situation is that I've had to switch accounts not to harass but rather to *respond* then the one who's really harassing is her... since it's taking me work (not that much work, granted) having to make new accounts in order to respond.

When you argue, it is the contract that you give your opponent the common respect of free response. While I'll be the first to say it's reasonable to block people who are disrespectful and/or insulting and/or harassing, it is completely unreasonable and cruel to make an accusation and block your opponent from responding.

Those are laws of humanity, handed down through the ages because they are true and stand with reason and respect.

Given all this, I've gathered that your deviantfriend doesn't exactly follow the rules whether out of ignorance or total negligibility, of which I can prove by the SCREENSHOTS YOU ARE SO ANGRY ABOUT THAT YOU MUST USE ALL CAPS.

...for me, it's no sweat and while it's all a bit sad and repulsive, I'm not invested in emotional disputes over deviantart further than mild fancy will take me. Like I said, a prayer or two and any offense taken will be pardoned on my end, personally. But, people who are as ignorant of basic human rules as this artist- so much that she would accuse me of horrible things with no groundss whatsoever but her own anger and emotion- shouldn't go unnoticed by deviantart's admins. These are grounds of abuse, and why shouldn't abuse go unreported, really? I haven't said or done anything abusive or incriminating, or personally insulting. If anything, I've been fair and told her very reasonably that what she did was wrong and that I was considering reporting her. This, despite what you or her or anyone thinks isn't blackmail, as you put it, merely something called honesty and respect. I would want someone to tell me when I did something wrong enough to be reported for abuse."
NiteOwl94 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
There is no "contract" in something like this. It's not even an argument.
You offended her, she put her guard up and responded.
It ruffled your feathers that you couldn't retort, so now you're making a bunch of alternate accounts, which I'm sure is against the TOS,
JUST to force your response on her. Your rebuttals are weak and flimsy, and if anyone looks obsessive here it's you.
Laws of humanity? Emotional disputes?
You are coming off as a needy and controlling person who must have the last word in everything.
I'm angry that you're harassing her, and hiding behind an argument that you're not.
You don't get it do you? It doesn't matter if she called you a rape apologist or not- she's been violated before and she's entitled to her point of view.
You're dragging this out because you got a little offended? Because she's not playing by your rules?
Who gives a shit? You. And only you. You're doing all this, because you couldn't handle being called a few names. 
Making multiple accounts to circumvent someone's right to block you sounds like ground for a report to me.
She took away your ability to reply, and Tch, oh my goodness! That's just not right! I'll show her! you made another account simply to reply.
Which is honestly pretty much like rape.
She got offended, told you off.
You followed her.
She said no.
You didn't give a shit, and forced your response onto her anyways.
I come to my friend's defense, and you yet again pull this same move.
Whether or not you're a "rape apologist", you certainly have the methodology down.
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